For twenty-five years, FXR has been creating high-performance outerwear for both athletes, and everyday riders, anglers, and their families alike. What started out as a dream to design cutting edge snowmobile outerwear has inspired Milt Reimer to develop premium apparel that has high-energy logos/graphics, ergonomic fit, and durable materials that suit a multitude of sports.


The FXR brand has become trusted by many riders and boasts more wins, more championships, and is worn by more riders worldwide than any other brand. The extensive research, testing, and collaboration with the world’s pro athletes fuels the development team at FXR to keep pushing the needle. FXR collections stay true to bold styles with a wide selection to choose from that allows riders to not only look great but to utilize FXR’s proprietary technologies to be comfortable, dry, and protected in any unforgiving elements. To celebrate 25 years of speed shop FXR has released a limited edition collection of anniversary apparel.