New Features and Thousands of Trails for Snow-Loving Motorists

onX, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation, added a snowmobile-specific experience to the onX Offroad App. Premium users can now toggle from the App’s well-known “Dirt Mode” to the new “Snow Mode,” accessing 140,000 miles of snowmobile trails in 30 U.S. states, slope angle overlays, and localized avalanche forecasts for an unparalleled winter experience.

An industry leader, onX Offroad is known for its robust GPS platform, mapping over 425,000 miles of dirt trails, 975 million acres of public land, and over 500,000 points of interest–places like campsites, non-ethanol fuel stations, trail heads, scenic vistas, breweries, and more.

“By adding Snow Mode to onX Offroad, we’re extending the stoke year-round,” said onX Offroad General Manager Rory Edwards. “Whether you’re in Montana, Minnesota, or Maine, a tap of a button gives riders the information they need to shred the slopes and rip the trails.”

With Snow Mode, onX Offroad users can navigate winter terrain with added confidence and safety information. By seeing local avalanche forecasts and slope angle overlays in their favorite zones, riders can make a plan for the day with snow conditions and terrain in mind. They can also view hourly weather forecasts that illustrate wind speed and direction, temperature highs and lows, and inches of precipitation right in the App. Winter-specific points of interest, like snow parking areas and warming huts, also dot the map.