BRP’s set a goal to build a “new breed” of Nordic-Style riders, and is now exporting Europe’s best-selling brand, Lynx snowmobiles to North America.

BRP was originally planning to bring two high-end Lynx snowmobile models to North America, the Lynx RAVE RE, built to enhance the thrill of trail riding, and the Lynx Boondocker DS, made to conquer the deepest snow. Each of these models is for experienced, passionate riders looking for a totally new and exhilarating on-snow experience

!“For the past decade, I have dreamed of bringing Lynx to the North American market not only to expand riders’ snowmobile options, but also to give them the opportunity to enjoy a very different riding experience. This is an exciting new chapter in snowmobiling history: we’re not just introducing a new model. We’re introducing a whole new brand to North America, which is something that hasn’t happened for several decades.” José Boisjoli, President and CEO.Lynx is focused towards hardcore enthusiasts as Nordic snowmobiling is a very active riding style without a lot of cruising or relaxed riding. The Lynx RAVE RE and Boondocker DS models match that style with unique high-end features. “Lynx riders live to take on the unknown, striving to be the first on and the last off the snow every Year. They believe that the best trails are made by nature, and they’re ready to take on the toughest challenges with a modern, active riding experience. That’s what the Lynx brand delivers.” Commented Janne Tapio, former Scandinavian Snocross World Champion and Lynx Snowmobile Project Leader.


The Lynx RAVE RE and two different length Lynx Boondocker DS models are available for purchase in the spring of 2021 only, with a retail program that requires a deposit at select BRP dealers in North America. For more information on availability, visit