Couldn’t get your hands on SnoScoot this past winter despite your best attempts? Fear not, we’ve sourced a one-of-a-kind “Scoot” that not only looks dang sexy, but is generating money for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Saint Germain, Wisconsin. Adorned in 50th Anniversary graphics and touting a windshield signed by several Yamaha dignitaries including racers, engineers, and members of the Hall of Fame; this buggy is on the block through a silent auction running now through May 27th. The opening bid is a paltry $2,800 (US) and all you have to do is call the Snowmobile Hall of Fame at 715-542-4463 or visit them in person during business hours Thursday, Friday or Saturday to lay down your agreed to wad of green. The winning high bidder will be announced during the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Round Up Show and Swap. Learn more at