Team Arctic Hillclimb Champions put on another show at the last RMSHA race of theseason in Sula, Montana at Lost Trail Ski Resort. In a near repeat of the excellent showingthe weekend before at Beaver Mountain, Team Arctic’s Hillclimbers improved with sevenclass wins and 21 podiums led by Wes Selby, Garth Kaufman and Russ and Kyle Tapios.The showing helped Kaufman take the points championship in three classes — Pro 600Improved Stock, Pro 600 Modified and Pro 700 Modified — with Kyle Tapio winning the ProMaster Modified championship and Riley Kincaid taking home the Semi-Pro Modifiedchampionship.


In the 600 and 700 Stock classes, Wes Selby has been at the top since competing at JacksonHole. Selby won both classes aboard his ZR 6000 SX on a course featuring large jumps andsteep switchback rutted terrain. Selby then decided to put his 600 snocross sled againstcompeting 850s in the 900 Stock class. The results were an impressive third place finish that was just three seconds shy of the leader.


Garth Kaufman won the 600 Improved Stock and 600 Mod classes, and achieved a third in ProOpen Modified. Selby returned to the podium with a third in 600 Improved Stock. Russ Tapioexperienced a great weekend with two second place finishes; the first in Pro 600 Mod and theother in 700 Improved Stock. In the Pro Master Improved and Mod classes, Kyle Tapio wonboth, making it the third consecutive weekend winning both classes and he also won the ProMaster King title.

Riley Kincaid was voted 2021 RMSHA Racer of the Year, andfor good reason, finishing the season with four class wins,two King Titles and wrapping up a Semi- Pro National pointchampionship. Kincaid’s name will be etched on a RMSHAtrophy next to his father, Rob Kincaid, who was 2020 Racer ofthe Year.


“Our Hillclimb team came on strong and showcased theirtalent and determination. With the season coming to an endwith a flurry of four races in row, it can wear on you,” saidTeam Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety. “Congratulations toall the competitors for a great season of racing. We havealready started preparing for next year.”