CAMSO works to push the limits, which is achieved with the new ICE° Arrowhead 130 snowmobile track. The track is designed to provide trail snowmobilers – both cruisers and aggressive riders – outstanding responsiveness, powerful acceleration and excellent handling in severe trail conditions.

“To maintain the leading position in the Powersports industry, Camso is committed to introducing innovative products for snowmobile enthusiasts from different segments, from trails to mountains,” said Claudie Durand, marketing director for Powersports for Michelin North America.

“Riders will notice reduced spinning of the track when pressing on the throttle, and they’ll feel power going straight from the engine to the surface – especially noticeable with high-horsepower machines.”

This track is specifically for the market of snowmobilers who prefer tracks with pull-through studs. With the ICE° Arrowhead 130, riders can expect a factory pre-studded, ready-to-install snowmobile track that doesn’t compromise on performance. It offers excellent control for security and an aggressive response from throttle to snow. It has been developed for optimal performance on hard-packed snow and ice.

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With this track, Camso is bringing many firsts to the industry:

 – Newly designed, lighter carbide studs that stick out ¼ inch from the lug for great traction, maneuverability and security in severe conditions, such as ice and hard-packed trails.

 – Camso’s first factory pre-studded track at 15° angle (patented) with 75% of studs facing forward and 25% facing backward – the optimal attack-angle ratio designed for responsiveness.

 – The first track design with a 12-pitch lug pattern to increase the number of scratch lines on the surface to 80 for aggressive handling and unraveling of packed snow, all while keeping noise and vibrations to a minimum.

The ICE° Arrowhead 130 will be available in four sizes: 120, 129, 137 and 146. Consumers can contact their local dealer to inquire about availability.

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