The final race of the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) had been moved up a weekend due to poor snow conditions in Kitchener; and once again the weather did not look great heading into the finals for this scheduled weekend. The CSRA crew made the decision with Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario, to overcome what Mother Nature had planned and went to work armed with snow guns, combined with cold temperatures and determination to make this final weekend a great one. After a lot of hard work, CSRA organizers were able to make one of the best tracks of the season in a few short days, where just days before there had been grass showing on the hill. The KSR team is appreciative to both CSRA and Horseshoe Resort for overcoming these challenges and making it an amazing race weekend, as always expected at this venue.


With fresh white snow and blue-sky days, this was a great weekend to be out on sleds and racing in front of the fans with a track that consisted of a long sweeping starting line, an uphill rhythm section, and downhill doubles and triples. It was a crowd pleaser and race delight for everyone who attended.

Zoe #502 Recap:

The season finale was bittersweet for Zoe, who had some major challenges staying on her sled and the track this weekend. Over the course of two days, she fell off twice and went off the track three times while throwing in a superman to cover off all bases.


On Saturday, in the Pro Am women’s class, she fell in the first moto and placed fifth, and then went off the track in the second moto where she had to come to a complete stop and let everyone by. After that, she had to work hard to get up to a podium spot. After pulling out the triple, she was able to get the third-place finish for Saturday. On Sunday in Pro Am woman, she got tangled with another racer once again in the first corner and started at the back of the pack again. In just the three short laps, she was able to secure third place in that moto. In Moto 2 on Sunday she stayed on the track and on her Ski-Doo for the first corner; however she was still at the back and had to make her way up. The track was all lipped up making her more comfortable to use the speed to her advantage as she went down the doubles. This contributed to her once again getting a podium finish for the last race of the season.


Throughout the weekend racing in the Junior class, Zoe had some difficulty with her starts and was continuously at the back of the pack. Her riding in Junior wasn’t any smoother than in the Pro Am women’s class. She fell once, went off the track and pulled a superman.


Overall, this season may have been shorter than hoped but Zoe is proud of her accomplishments in her first season of racing in these classes. She had a lot of fun and appreciated the opportunity to race. She is looking forward to the year end awards banquet!

Troy #500 Recap:

Troy was bitten by the race bug again! After so many years of working on the sleds and not riding, he had a great time this season and this weekend getting back on a snowmobile to see if he could still do it. The chirping in the trailer from his daughters had to be the highlight of the season for him.


The weekend got off to a slow start. After seeing some creeping on the starting line and assuming a racer was going to be moved to the back row for the start, the light turned green and so Troy thought it would be a good idea to let them all go before hitting the throttle (insert chirping from his daughters here). The second race of the day would be at night and under the lights, where Troy had the most fun of the year being back on the track. The track was lipped up and a blast to race.


On Sunday, Troy started off feeling good on the sled and grabbed the holeshot but he made a few bad line choices. Other racers capitalized on the mistake, and he found himself fighting for 3rd place. The second moto, he was 2nd to the corner and looking to grab the holeshot award put up for the finals on Sunday by Bailey Motorsports, but he came up a little short and quickly found vision issues with no visor on his helmet due to a previous on-track incident. He was able to finish the race and conclude it was a great way to end the CSRA season.


The last season Troy raced was in 2003, and at that time the final race of the year was also at Horseshoe Resort. His last race in 2003 was in the Pro Open class where he suffered a mechanical issue and was not able to finish the race. It had always bothered him how he ‘finished’ his racing career then. Looking back, he realizes he just took a 21-year break.


KSR would like to thank the following sponsors for their support for the 2024 season, without them this would not be possible: Bailey Motorsports, Dayco, Ski-Doo, Fly Racing, Motul, Scott Sports Canada, C&A Pro Skis, Rox Speed FX, Off-Road Vixens, Backwoods Promotions, Backcountry Motorsports Media, Stud Boy Traction Products, 139 Designs, Clean Media, St. Onge Recreation, Laps for Muscular Dystrophy.

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