The ZR 200 and matching sibling SnoScoot were the runaway hit of the season. Dealers sold out early, and kids were quickly becoming addicted to the sport. If there was one shortcoming of the homerun mid-sized sled, it was the difficult to start nature it exhibited when cold. A too lean condition from an undersized pilot jet (remedied for 2019); a too short recoil rope (remedied for 2019); and perhaps most importantly, the lack of electric start which forced mom or dad to get the buggy going, were about the only nags anyone could find. Now all of those issues have been addressed for 2019 and the big one is the inclusion of electric start. Next year Yamaha will still offer a pull-start version in addition to standard electric start, and Arctic Cat will go e-start only. You better hide the keys, the kids are home from school.