Model Year 2021 marks another milestone with the introduction of BLAST™, a true mid-size snowmobile offering three different models and technology and performance at a value.

The BLAST lineup is designed and manufactured in Thief River Falls, Minn., and the engine is built in St. Cloud, Minn. The BLAST line includes the mountain BLAST M with ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension, trail BLAST ZR®, and sport utility BLAST LT 4000 mid-size.

BLAST M400 Dynamic Charcoal & Orange

At the heart of the BLAST models is the industry’s first electronic fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine. The 65+ horsepower-class C-TEC2™ 4000, 397cc engine has plenty of power for the experienced rider and smooth power delivery for a new rider. The models feature the proven Arctic Drive System with a CVTech Trailbloc drive clutch and CVTech Invance driven clutch to deliver power to the snow.

To complement the engine, the all-new, mid-size chassis is extremely lightweight, delivering effortless maneuverability at any skill level. The new, mid-size seat makes it simple for the rider to transfer weight when cornering. To keep the sleds lightweight, Arctic Cat equipped them with the same Arctic Mountain Suspension™ (AMS) found on full-size mountain sleds, and hydraulic twin tube shocks — front and back — to provide ample absorption.

The BLAST models feature a key start so the rider can just turn the key and go. The vehicles’ digital instrumentation provides standard data, while hand and thumb warmers ensure an enjoyable experience even in the coldest temperatures. To work or play all day, the sleds have an 11.7-gal. fuel tank. The new, sleek bodywork is all Arctic Cat and provides the perfect finishing touch to the mid-size package.

BLAST M 4000

Built for the new mountain rider but still a blast in the backcountry for the experienced rider, the new BLAST M 4000 combines the DNA of the full-size M 8000 models with a smaller stature and mill, offering a fun deep-snow experience.

Similar to its full-sized counterparts, the BLAST M 4000 features the Arctic Mountain Suspension™ (AMS) with lightweight spindles and mountain-specific suspension geometry. The front suspension has 7.2 inches of travel, an adjustable 37-39-inch ski stance and is equipped with 7-inch G2 ProClimb skis for predictable handling in all conditions and deep-snow flotation. In back, the proven ALPHA Single-Beam Rear Suspension provides 12 inches of travel to prevent bottoming out, and agility beyond traditional sleds. The 146-inch Challenger track with 2-inch lug provides all-around performance and great traction. The model also features a 4-inch low-height windshield.

The BLAST M 400 is available in Dynamic Charcoal/Orange, and special edition Camo/White/Fire Red with choice of American Flag, Canadian Flag or standard Camo/White/Fire Red.

BLAST M4000 Camo/White/Fire Red American Flag

BLAST M 4000 Camo/White/Fire Red

BLAST M4000 Camo/White/Fire Red with Canadian Flag



The BLAST ZR 4000 is the perfect mid-size trail sled for the whole family. Whether the rider is moving up from a youth model or an adult who wants a fun, lightweight, easy-to-ride sled, the BLAST ZR 4000 delivers.

BLAST ZR4000 Medium Green

The BLAST ZR 4000 is a true mid-size trail package. The AMS front suspension offers 7.2 inches of front travel, an adjustable 37.5-38.5-inch ski stance and is equipped with 6-inch trail skis. In back, the slide-rail suspension with dual shock and adjustable torsion springs provides 10.7 inches of rear travel and plenty of agility to conquer every twist and turn on the trail. A 121-inch standard track with 1-inch lug provides all the traction needed in for various conditions. The model also features a 4-inch, low-height windshield.

The BLAST ZR 4000 is available in Medium Green/Dynamic Charcoal and Blue/White.



Bigger isn’t always better, and the BLAST LT 4000 is the perfect mid-size sled for the cabin owner, outdoorsman or small business owner who needs a reliable work partner. The BLAST LT 4000’s mid-size lightweight chassis makes it easier to maneuver than full size sleds when hauling or towing for less driver fatigue during those long workdays. Its 4000 engine has enough brawn to take on the task at hand, and its value price is attractive to those customers who contemplated a sport utility snowmobile but were hesitant about a full-size price tag.

BLAST LT 4000 Dynamic Charcoal & Fire Red

The BLAST LT 4000 has an AMS front suspension with 7.2 inches of travel, an adjustable 37.5-38.5-inch ski stance and is equipped with 6-inch trail skis. The utilitarian XTRA-ACTION Rear Suspension provides 12.5 inches of travel and features dual shocks and adjustable torsion springs to help when carrying loads. A 146-inch Cobra track with 1.6-inch lug provides the perfect grip for a wide variety of tasks. The model also features a 15.5-inch windshield to protect the rider from the elements.

The BLAST LT 4000 is available in Red/Dynamic Charcoal.

Arctic Cat is offering a full line of accessories for the BLAST models, as well as individual ship with accessory kits for each model. The available ship with accessory kits are as follows:
• BLAST M: Pro Kit – Black
• BLAST ZR: Trail Blazer Kit
• BLAST LT: Winter Essentials Kit

BLAST Technology

Single-Cylinder 2-Stroke EFI Engine
With an industry-first design that’s compact and lightweight (under 50 pounds), this EFI engine brings 65-hp (397cc) performance to every ride. A 3-stage exhaust valve system takes this power to the next level, delivering improved throttle response and better overall engine performance. A counterbalance shaft eliminates most engine vibration. The result: a lightweight-but-mighty power source that fuels a ride like no other.

Lighter Weight, Mid-Sized Chassis
Easy handling and maneuverability are what this ride is all about, with a size that lets more riders capture more thrills.

Best-in-Class Power-to-Weight Ratio
An unprecedented chassis design combined with an unrivaled engine to deliver an action-packed ride that’s easier to handle.

G2 ProClimb 7 Ski
Designed for improved flotation and effortless steering, these skis make the most rugged rides a whole lot easier.

Digital Gauge
Quickly access vehicle information on one easy-to-read display.

Electric Start
Get the convenience of a turn-key electric start system.