In our opinion the Arctic Cat ZR200 (and Yamaha’s 2018 SnoScoot) are unquestionably the most significant snowmobile to be introduced in the past 10-years. You undoubtedly will be reading and seeing plenty about these sleds in the coming year and for good reason. With industry sales flat or slumping for the better part of 10-years and the average age of active enthusiasts getting older, the industry is in dire need of new riders and the ZR 200 just might be the elixir the sport has been looking for. Don’t let the small size fool you, this is a legit snowmobile capable of performing in deep snow with riders of all sizes on board. Thanks to a 10-inch wide by 93-inch long track, legit drive and driven clutching featuring a roller cam secondary, and a powerful 192cc Yamaha 4-stroke engine delivering nearly 10-horesepower, this was without question the sled we enjoyed the most during the spring early ride showcase. Of course, the biggest question everyone has when it comes to the mid-size buggy is price and we think Arctic Cat has nailed the sweet spot with a suggested retail price of only $3,749 (US).