Cain’s Quest 2024, presented by Rio Tinto IOC, is officially underway as all 32 teams have officially crossed the start line to launch one of the most exhilarating and challenging experiences of their lives. Our 32 pairs of racers departed from the start line in one-minute intervals starting at 10 am this morning. The team’s recorded times will begin at the start line and will be adjusted for time delays at Shabogamo Lake.

Racers will follow a slightly altered route, finalized on Saturday in consultation with the racers themselves, as well as safety personnel, search and rescue groups, and community members. The change in route accounts for a lack of snow on the south coast and Labrador Straits. Teams will always be on the clock from now through nine mandatory checkpoints, five waypoints, and will have access to two emergency stations if needed. The L’Anse au Clair layover has been removed from the race. Racers have also been advised to be mindful of open water advisories in the area around Waypoint Two in Gabbro.

Racers will have to complete the Labrador City to Shefferville loop and must adhere to 30-minute express layovers, as well as eight–, 10-, and 12-hour layovers. Based on the board and staff’s GPS readings, approximately 3,124 km will be traveled by each team.

● Labrador City – Shefferville loop: 646 km

● Labrador City – Goose Bay: 606 km

● Goose Bay – Nain: 848 km

● Nain – Churchill Falls: 515 km

● Churchill Falls – Shefferville – Labrador City: 509 km

Racers will ride day and night, guided by GPS, until they complete the race. “I can tell you from personal experience, there is nothing quite like participating in Cain’s Quest. This race is a thrill like no other, for both the racers, support teams, and fans,” says Cain’s Quest Board Chair Chris Lacey. “As we launch this year’s race we’d like to wish everyone a thrilling ride through the backcountry.”

Racers can be tracked online at and through the YellowBrick App on Android and iPhone, also downloadable through the race’s website.

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