The sixth stop on the National Snocross tour brought us to Huset’s Speedway in Sioux Falls, SD for Rounds 10 and 11. This is the series third time racing in the Sioux Falls area, but the second time at Huset’s Speedway. With the challenge of the unseasonably warm winter nation-wide, the crew at Snocross were still able to bring in enough snow and put on the races. Understandably the track layout was smaller than we’ve seen in Sioux Falls and with the added twist of having the race in reversed order; arose the challenge of the not-so-common, right hand-turns. With the combination of the reverse, small, and technical track, clean visibility and holeshots were key in Sioux Falls.

Round 10 Triple Crown Round 1

To kick things off on Friday, in Triple Crown Round 1, a stacked field of Pro riders lined up and were ready to put on a great show in Sioux Falls. Through qualifying, Peterson and Bester were able to earn themselves great gate picks in the front row. As the green light went for the first Triple Crown race of the evening, Peterson ripped out of the gates and going into the first corner, Peterson was sitting in the 4th place spot and Bester in 10th. As the clock was winding down in the 8 minute plus one lap final, Peterson lost a couple of positions but continued to press on. Peterson finished out in the notable 7th place spot and Bester rounded out Round 1 in 10th.

Triple Crown Round 2

As the sleds lined for Round 2 and after what appeared to be a questionable jump on the start and no restart, it was time to buckle down and go racing. Peterson and Bester both came out mid pack and after charging hard; Peterson was in 6th and Bester close behind in 7th. As the laps flew by, in the 8 min plus 1 lap Round 1 event, Peterson and Bester were navigating their way through, searching for fast lines and were able to finish out Round 2 with a 7th (Peterson) and 9th (Bester).

Triple Crown Round 3

For the final race of the night; Bester was able to line up in the front row in the 9th place spot and 7th on the line for Peterson. As the green light went, Peterson roared out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled taking the stud boy holeshot award and going into the first corner a couple sleds slipped by putting Peterson in the 3rd place spot. Teammate, Ryley Bester came off of the line and was charging hard in the the 7th place spot. As the race pressed on, Peterson stayed smooth and consistent holding onto the excellent 3rd place spot and Bester rounded out in the notable 8th place. 

Pro Round 10 Overall: Peterson 5th and Bester 10th

Saturday Round 11 Triple Crown Round 1

Peterson and Bester were looking for a little redemption from the day before in Sioux Falls and were on the hunt for holeshots, fast lines, and consistent finishes. As the green light went for the first Pro race on Saturday, Peterson had the challenge on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled coming from the back row, while teammate Ryley Bester, was in the front row. Bester shot out of the gate and fought his way into the top five and Peterson sitting in 10th from the back row. Due to even more limited snow conditions for Saturday, the Pro Triple Crown rounds went from 8 minutes down to 6 minutes plus one lap. As the laps flew by and clocked ticked down, Peterson charged his way up to the 8th place spot, and Bester right behind in 9th.

Triple Crown Round 2

Lining up in the front row of Round 2, both Peterson and Bester had a great start off of the line and came out towards the front of the stacked field. As they ripped out of the gates and through the first lap both riders were pushed back into the 6th and 8th the place spot. With the small track, getting out front early is key. At about the half way point of the 6 minute plus one lap final, Peterson was sitting on 8 and Bester in 12. One minute left to go, Peterson passed up to 6th and finished out in the excellent 6th place spot and Bester finished out in 11h. 

Triple Crown Round 3

For the final race of the night in Sioux Falls, Peterson tied for the 5th place front row gate pick, while Bester lined up in the back row. As the green light went, Peterson came ripping off of the line on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled and was sitting in the exciting 4th place, while Bester was sitting in 12th. As the clock was ticking in the short race of 6 minutes plus 1 lap, Peterson was needing to ride smooth but aggressively to keep a top 5 position. With two minutes left to go, Peterson was passed one spot but was able to maintain and finish out in the exciting 5th place and Bester rounded out the weekend in 11th.

Pro Round 11 Overall: Peterson 6th and Bester 12th

Saturday, PRO AM PLUS 30 – ROUND 7

PRO AM Plus rider, Andy Lieders, was back in the Pro AM Class in Sioux Falls and even after a few week hiatus, Lieders picked up right where he left off. With sweeping his qualifying round; Lieders came into the Pro AM Plus Final as the number one qualifier. As the green light went for the final; Lieders ripped a massive holeshot on his Team LaVallee, Polaris snowmobile and was sitting in the first place spot. As the race continued to press on, Lieders rode incredibly smooth and had a huge lead against the field. As the checkered flags flew, Lieders earned yet another impressive win in Sioux Falls. Congratulations Andy! 
Up next: LAKE GENEVA SNOCROSS Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, WI – March 15-16, 2024

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