Summer is often the time of  year when snowmobile manufacturers are building next winter’s sleds and on occasion, making tweaks along the way. The latest email blurb from Cat shows they are busy doing both with several tweaks to the new 2015 ZR 4000 RR, which replaces the popular SnoPro 500 race buggy. One of the biggest changes is the addition of a TEAM Driven secondary, which should open up the tuning window to many more options for would be racers. Here’s a run-down on all the changes forthcoming to the ZR 4000 RR

  • Team Driven clutch added – TSS-04 design with updated calibration has shown excellent results on the race track and an abundance of tuning components are available.
  • Added new Driven Shaft to accept Team Driven Clutch
  • Wider 43.5″ Front A-arm Design
  • Trail 5 Ski – Single Runner – Additional top webbing increases stiffness for more predictable handling on hard pack. NOTE: The 2015 ZR 4000 RR is within the legal 48-inch width maximum of certain State Trail Systems.

Side Panel Vent ImageThe other big change is the addition of a NEW SIDE PANEL DUCT to all ZR, XF, and M 6000, 8000 and 9000 models. We saw this new vent on a few select late spring models that were shipped to dealers near the end of winter. Clearly efforts continue at Cat to cool the clutching system which has had some excessive belt wear and failure issues, especially on higher horsepower models in deep snow conditions. The side panel vent kit is also available as a retro fit item for past Pro-Cross and Pro-Climb chassis models. The kit will fit ’14-‘15 ZR; ’12-’14 M, XF; ’12-’13 F All Models (Excludes 7000 models). Includes inner and outer side ducts and a stainless steel snow screen. Requires one-piece clutch guard. Part #6639-817 with an MSRP of $39.95 (US), $46.95 (CAN).