Our friends over at DSG Outerwear  have added four talented sledders to their Pro Rider roster for the 2016 season!

Let’s everyone give a big snowmobilers welcome to: Amber, Sarah, Amy and Nicole. These extremely talented and lucky ladies will be collaborating on product development, marketing, and brand awareness under direction of another pro rider and DSG Outerwear team member, Stephanie Schwartz.  “If I could have made a dream team of exceptional, well rounded and technical riders, these four were it and hand selected by me!  To think we landed these Backcountry/Mountain riders that, in my opinion, set the bar for female athletes in the sport is truly honorable.   I am humbled to have these powerful, forward thinking riders on our team to ride with and will have an all-around fun time this coming season as we continue to develop technical products for female riders in snowmobiling.  I am beyond pumped!”

Amber Holt, U.S.

AmberIt’s very easy to tell how outstanding of a person Amber is because she flat out cares more about her riding schools, Backcountry Basics®, and introducing new riders men and women, military, and government agencies to backcountry riding than she does her own personal riding image.   Amber no longer engages in sponsorships as a professional athlete, however, does partner with key businesses like DSG that have the same goal as her which is “to grow and accommodate the industry in a segment that tends to be overlooked, such as the women’s segment” and not just use a sponsor for the sole purpose of branding.



Sarah Whipple, U.S.

SarahOwner of RideMcCall.com is proof of how serious Sarah is about her riding!  It started in the womb with her mom and family being avid snowmobilers.  She has more than 13 seasons of experience riding the mountains of central Idaho and calls home base McCall.  “I currently live in McCall, Idaho with a snowmobile trail right out my back door to some of the area’s best backcountry riding – literally roll up the garage door, pull the rope and go! I enjoy riding more technical terrain in lighter, deep snow conditions and really appreciate a good challenge like trying to find new lines up through treed hillsides in untouched snow.”  With DSG being located in Wisconsin, it doesn’t get any better to have Sarah in the mountains testing technical gear at all times.


Amy Flowers, Canada

AmyOne of DSG’s early believers and instrumental in developing our Avid Tech outerwear alongside Stephanie Schwartz, she lets her riding speak for itself.   Amy can be found racing, hill climbing, hill cross racing, and letting her sled sing in the backcountry of BC while being an outstanding mother.




Nicole Sullivan, U.S.

NicoleNicole rewards herself each year by setting and achieving her riding goals.  One of her main goals this year is to lean on her 15 years of riding experience to bring awareness and new ideas to DSG’s product line.  She is always pushing and developing her backcountry riding and especially enjoys tree riding!  What is her favorite part of snowmobiling?  That’s easy, “the friendships I have made along the way and people from all walks of life that are unique, rad, and just plain fun to be around both on and off the snow!”