Since the Duluth National Snocross we’ve talked about how FOX has racked up wins in snocross and cross-country, two venues that, while similar at first glance, can often require vastly different suspension setups. This past weekend FOX-equipped Tucker Hibbert swept the Pro Open classes at the ISOC National snocross race held at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn. On top of that, FOX riders took five of six Pro Open podium spots at Canterbury making it almost a complete FOX sweep. Elsewhere, at the USXC cross-country race in Detroit Lakes, Minn., FOX-equipped athletes filled both Pro podiums with Brian Dick claiming both Pro class wins. As if that weren’t enough, Champ 440 racer Dustin Wahl used the precise control served up by FOX shocks to win the first round of the TLR Cup at the USSA ProStar ice oval race in Amherst, Wis. Built to go blindingly fast around an ice oval, a Champ sled is about as far removed from a stock snowmobile as one can get, but FOX shock technology combined with the expertise of FOX technicians allows riders like Wahl to tame the nearly unthinkable. From the extreme of ice ovals to the aerial assault of Canterbury to a trail or powder bowl near you, FOX delivers.

So how do they do it? Some may think a shock is a shock. The truth is every FOX shock is packed with technology and lessons learned from more than three decades of development…that technology is then calibrated by the most experienced FOX technicians in the world.

“Every race, every situation represents a new challenge and new learning opportunity to continually make FOX shocks the best, and that is the ultimate goal,” said FOX Powersports Sales and Marketing Manager Jeff Gruhlke. “We use the latest technologies available to provide FOX-sponsored athletes and consumers with the highest level of support available. There’s really no other way to do it!”

The Big Terrain Picture

FOX athlete Brian Deegan enjoying the fruits of victory.

If there’s one area where snowmobiles and dirt bikes have been at the forefront of racing technology it is suspension, specifically shocks. Here knowledge and experience is power, the more you know the bigger the advantage when the green flag unfurls. Shocks represent the critical link between vehicle and terrain, the better the communication and control between the those two spells the difference between champions and also rans. Top of the chart racers like Brian Deegan, Jeremy McGrath, and Ricky Johnson all recognize FOX as the critical link between suspension and vehicle, and all cite FOX as a big reason for their success both In their former competitive worlds and their present involving off-road trucks. There FOX has also been integral with development of OEM replacement shocks for trucks and SUVs. To learn more about this and other world’s of FOX visit