Polaris gave media and select dealers a very early look at their all new 2019 Indy EVO today, a sled targeting new riders with a lowered stance, compacted cockpit, just-right power, and a starting price of $5,299 ($6,499 CAN). With the 2018 Arctic Cat ZR200 and Yamaha SnoScoot injecting a massive adrenaline shot of interest among young riders and families new to the sport, Polaris is looking to capture some of this same momentum with a slightly smaller than full-size sled aimed squarely and those new to the sport.

The new Indy EVO is a 2019 model, but Polaris is giving everyone an early look along with a small build slated to hit dealerships later this winter in hopes of revving up interest. Based upon the Indy platform, the EVO makes a concerted effort in sizing things right for new riders with a lowered stance, narrowed body work, down-sized controls, easy to actuate throttle and brake levers, easy to steer handling, confident and comfortable ride characteristics, and power that is non-intimidating but still has enough on tap to hit a top-speed of 50mph.

“This is a real trail sled, engineered specifically for new riders and has performance scaled for those riders,” said Chris Wolf, President of Polaris Snowmobiles during our first look at the new Indy EVO. “It’s also a vehicle that can evolve as a rider’s skills evolve.”

Power comes from a 550cc fan-cooled engine, a long-standing member of the Polaris family. In the EVO application the speed and acceleration have been electronically controlled to limit peak performance and more importantly instill confidence in riders. What’s more, as the rider becomes more comfortable, power can be enhanced through “stage-tuning kits” through an authorized Polaris dealer, eventually “uncorking” the full potential of the 550 motor, allowing it to achieve top-speeds of 70mph, dependent upon conditions.

The familiar 550 fan-cooled Polaris engine is found under-hood, with electronically controlled performance capping top speed at 50mph.

The front suspension features an adjustable stance, allowing it to also “grow” with rider confidence. The suspension is mated to a new EVO ski that was designed exclusively for the sled, and is said to deliver confident handling with reduced steering effort.

Engine and suspension aside, the biggest changes to the EVO from a traditional Indy are found in the cockpit area, where a narrowed and lowered cowl and EVO specific handlebars and controls make the sled more compact and manageable for riders. The lowered stance makes the vehicle more stable and the roomy cockpit with great visibility to the trail ahead enhances rider confidence.

The new EVO will be available in two models, a base version with a price of $5,299 ($6,499 CAN) and an electric start version with an MSRP of $5,699 ($6,999).

This image shows how the new Indy stacks up against and full size Polaris Rush.


The EVO will be available in two versions, with or without electric start and two color combinations.

Here’s another pic that gives you perspective on the size and stance between the Indy EVO and a Rush.