There are plenty of titles and class wins to be had in the near vertical world of snowmobile  hill climb competition, but you don’t need to be an expert to know when a particular brand is mopping up. With three races in the books, Polaris racers this year have won every single Pro King of the Hill title available and according to the company’s latest official realease below, they have taken 65% of all available podiums. That’s called winning kids…duh!

Polaris® snowmobile hillclimbers continued their season-long domination by winning 10 Pro classes, all three Pro King of the Hill titles, and the King of Kings crown at the sport’s premiere event, the Jackson Hole [WY] World Championship Hillclimb, held March 22-25.

All four of the prestigious King titles were won by riders on Polaris 800 AXYS® PRO-RMK® snowmobiles – and those Polaris 800 models beat the competition’s 850-powered sleds in the 900 and 1000 classes.

Polaris Pro-class racers at Jackson Hole won all four Stock classes, three Modified and two Improved Stock classes. Polaris racers also won all three Semi-Pro classes, and the Semi-Pro King of the Hill title. Polaris Timbersled® racers won all snow bike races as well.

In the season’s first three Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Assn. events, the dominant Polaris Pro racers have won all 12 Stock classes, 11 of 12 Mod classes, and six Improved Stock classes. Polaris racers have won every Pro King of the Hill crown this season, and they have claimed 65% of all available podiums spots.

At Jackson Hole, six Polaris racers won Pro classes and 10 racers had top-three finishes. Justin Thomas won the 1000 Improved Stock and 900 Modified classes, and took second in 1000 Stock. He won Mod King of the Hill on an 800 PRO-RMK sled, then reached the summit of Snow King Mountain fastest of all to earn the coveted King of Kings title.

Luke Rainey (pictured above) reached the podium in all five of his classes at Jackson Hole. He won the 700 Stock, 1000 Stock, and 900 Improved classes, took second in 900 Stock, and finished third in 1000 Improved. He then won two King of the Hill crowns – Stock and Improved Stock.

Keith Curtis won the 600 Stock and 900 Stock classes, giving him 11 wins in 15 events this season. He also finished second in 900 Mod at Jackson Hole, so he has reached the podium 13 times in 15 races this winter.

Erin Beukelman also reached the Jackson Hole podium three times with his win in 700 Mod, a second in 900 Improved, and a third in 900 Mod.

Andy Thomas won the 600 Modified class and finished second in 700 Stock. He also won the Snow Bike Stock and Improved Stock classes on a Polaris Timbersled, while Brock Hoyer won the Snow Bike Dash for Cash on a Timbersled.

Brandon Titensor had three podium finishes, all thirds, at Jackson Hole, and Tanner Meyers had a second and a third. Dolan Phelps and Les Keller also earned podium finishes.

Polaris racer Cole Willford reached the podium in all three Pro Masters classes, winning the Stock class, taking second in Mod, and finishing third in Improved.

Sam Peterson won Semi-Pro Improved Stock and the Semi-Pro King of the Hill crown, while Matt McCray won Semi-Pro Stock and Mod, and was second in Improved.

Cole Thomas won the Juniors title, and Shelly Balls finished second in all three Women’s classes.

The next race on the RMSHA schedule is the Tamarack [ID] Hillclimb on April 7-8.