Gas stations beware… Taiga Motors have released three electric snowmobile models; The Ekko (mountain sled), Atlas (crossover) and the Nomad (utility/touring). These will all be based on Taiga’s TS3 platform with a starting price of $15,000. Taiga will start their launch with the Founders Edition, which will be a limited build of 300. Excitement is through the roof, and questions are being asked after Taiga’s announcement to enter the electric snowmobile market. Most seemed to be wondering, how far will you be able to travel?

How much horsepower will it have? What will the weight be? The range of travel will vary between 98 and 131 kilometers. The horsepower will be between 120 to 180 horsepower depending on the engine package, and the weight will vary from 534 lbs. to 586 lbs. depending on the model.