In case you’ve been hunkered down in your shop snapping bolts and swilling cold ones, we’re here to let you know this coming season Yamaha will be celebrating 50-years of snowmobiling. Man, where did the time go? From the brand that brought such innovations to the market as oil-injection and Mikuni carbs, not to mention big pony four-stroke power, their 2018 model line-up is brimming with goodness, and leading the charge are 7 limited edition models all decked out in 50th anniversary trim. While the Sidewinders will surely garner the bulk of the attention, the roll-out includes pure Yamaha models such as the Apex and Apex XTX. According to our sources at Yamaha, this will mark the final model year for the Apex, so if you like big, naturally aspirated power in a package that simply loves to be “backed-in” and power-slid through the corners, this is your last chance to snap up the sled that helped establish four-stroke power in the market.