The Best Gets Better – Lets cut through the crap, and just say like this… until someone comes along and really blows the handling capabilities of a Ski-Doo out of the water, the yellow buggies are king when it comes to cornering and bump prowess. Here’s the scary part. Just as the competition made some big improvements, Ski-Doo has done so as well. The new RAS 2 front suspension is truly better. The “twitch” is gone and in its place is ridiculous straight-line tracking, even through rutted and bump littered corners.

Titan is More – More is more… or at least that is what we say when ordering a pizza with all the goodies (mixed in with a salad for balance of course).  The new Summit 174 is big…no doubt, but we found ourselves really digging the flotation. Our resident expert mountain riders raved about its ability to side hill virtually anywhere, and those of us with less extreme steep and deep skill found the big yellow banana to give us more time to make decisions on the hill thanks to its ridiculous flotation.

Direct Injection Technology – Yeah, there’s four stroke durability, monster torque, and fuel sipping capabilities, but if you are a two-stroke junkie, nothing comes close to the goodness of ETEC direct injection. As we’ve said before, the ETEC motor runs like a Swiss watch, with instant response and fuel numbers that come way close to four-strokes and leave other two-strokes in their wake.

Ride It and Forget It – While we don’t have enough saddle time on the new Polaris Pro-XC rear suspension, as of this writing Ski-Doo still has the best overall suspension calibration and compliance period. This is especially true with the rMotion skid. Once you dial in your ride preferences you can literally forget about it for the season. The broad shouldered capabilities of the rMotion soaks up everything from trail chatter to oversized G-outs with surprising results.