After sampling the new iron this spring; putting another season of experience on the 2014 models; and listen to you along with reports from dealership mechanics, here are five things to ponder for Polaris as we head into the next winter season.

Pro-X Calibrations – As one of our riders spouted off after a spirited ride through a section of whooped out trails this spring aboard the new Pro-X Rush, “have the boys in Roseau forgotten how to build a snowmobile?” Ok, we know some guys like to hammer big bumps, but the calibrations of the Pro-X were way off the mark upon our first sampling. Trail chatter and large chop hammered the chassis through the running boards, and the unpredictable ski lift upon turn-in left us feeling the Pro-X was one of the most unpredictable sleds we sampled this spring. Keep in mind this was an early season pre-production sled and often times calibration changes are made before production meaning the Pro-X you find in dealerships this fall could very well have nipped this complaint in the bud.

800 HO Engine800 Bugs – The writing is on the wall for the current 800 Liberty from Polaris. With the new 800 H.O. entering the picture for 2015, you can rest assured that the new engine and front bulkhead from the AXYS platform will be found nestled in the RMK and Assault lineup for 2016. However until that time, there remains a plenty of unrest amongst Polaris faithful when comes to issues with the current 800. From hammered out motor mounts, early ring and piston failure, failed oil pump gears, engine hiccups, and a few drive spring failures, Polaris has said little about fixes in the mix.

Rider Buzz Words – If you’ve been reading the marketing hype from Polaris this spring you’ve likely noticed a host of new buzzwords coming from the big P camp. “Rider Balanced Control” and “Rider-Centric Comfort” look good on paper but really don’t say much to riders. In the end, riders just want a sled that delivers the goods, and from first ride, we think Polaris is on the right track with the new AXYS platform.

 Front Suspension Wear – If you own a current Pro-Ride buggy, you likely have experience the rapid wear of the front suspension pivot points where they affix to the bulkhead. While  you won’t find any word of improvements in this area on the Polaris website, we poked around and discovered engineers have addressed the nag with a new mount that allows you to adjust the wear out of the pivot as you rack on the miles.

IMG_2237Drive Springs – This past winter we experienced two failed drive springs on a pair of our Polaris 800 sleds. A look on the chat rooms and you’ll find plenty more of the same. Fortunately Polaris has stood behind their product and has warrantee repaired nearly 100-perent of theses freak failures. We suspect a poor grade of wire is to blame and most likely the vendor has had his or her feet held to the flames this past season in order to correct the blem.