In recent years, with more and more emphasis being put on the western market, the manufacturers have each adopted ambassador programs to varying degrees. Perhaps no one has a better organized group of deep snow pilots than Arctic Cat who brought their fearless foursome of mountain pro athletes to Hay Days and introduced the “Mountain Squadron” along with plans for each rider to pilot a Speedwerx hopped up Mountain Cat outfitted with genuine Arctic Cat accessories of their liking. Pictured from left to right: Erik Nelson, Vice President and General Manager of Snowmobiles, Brett Turcotte, Cory Davis, Rob Kincaid, and David McClure. In addition, Arctic Cat will also sponsor six Pro Lite riders as part of the program. They include Luke Nokelby (AK), Cooper Street (AK), Morgan Gamache (BC), Jordan Nieters (MT), Levi Johnson (UT) and Taylor Meuwissen (CO).