The new Timberlsed ST 90 Ripper brings the latest snow craze of motorcycle conversion to smaller 110cc bikes and adds more fuel to the Timbersled arsenal. The downsized kit will retail for $1,999 US ($2,499 CAN) and will fit 110 dirt bikes from Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda. No question the snow bike scene is arguable the hottest trend in the snowmobile industry and if it can gain acceptance and pass legal hurdles beyond the western market, it has the potential to be a serious growth opportunity. Polaris purchased Timbersled a few years back and more recently Arctic Cat has announced their plans to deliver the SVX 450 snow vehicle this winter, one that Arctic Cat claims will meet all requirements to be licensed as a snowmobile. The Ripper was originally designed and developed by Holeshot Performance owner Aaron Burquest, and up to 50 units were manufactured and sold two winter’s back. Last winter Burquest sold the design and patents to Timbersled and with more refinement it will be available this winter at Timbersled dealers across the snowbelt.