After the recent release of the 2021 model line-up featuring the Riot X now with the Alpha One’s single beam rear suspension and the release of three different 400cc 65HP mid-sized snowmobiles; Blast M, Blast ZR and Blast LT, that they would be able to throttle back a little and put it on cruise control. Arctic Cat chose the opposite and gave it even more throttle! They’re releasing another snowmobile that’s available immediately.

Arctic Cat is reinstating the M 6000 Alpha One 154”. The M 6000 Alpha One was not available during the 2020 Snowmageddon launch, and is not currently in 2021 offerings. We’re guessing that the M 6000 Alpha will eventually find its way into the 2021 catalogue.

The M 6000 Alpha One features a 2-stroke C-TEC2 6000 engine, push button electric start, ascender platform, Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 shocks, G2 ProClimb-7 skis and a 3.0” Power Claw track to get you through the deep snow and up the hill.

If you are interested in getting a M 6000 Alpha One for this season, you’ll need to get to your local Arctic Cat dealer to check for availability. And remember this snowmobile is on a first come first serve basis!