With all the buzz surrounding the new crop of 2016 sleds from the big four in North America, its easy to forget about those “other” sleds that make tracks on the other side of the globe. However after getting a look at the latest offerings from Lynx (yes they are a division of BRP) we think we found what could very well be the most exciting new snowmobile model for 2016. The new Lynx Commander Touratech is bad to the bone and outfitted for the ultimate adventure riding where the trails end and the real snowmobiling begins. The video below says it all, but in case you want more information, here are the details from the release just issued from Lynx headquarters.What’s more, the new model’s first run will be from Arctic Circle to the Arctic Ocean…yeah not for the weak of heart, and you can follow their trip online at www.lynxadventure.com

The Lynx Commander Touratech sled was developed in co-operation with Touratech AG, a world-leading motorcycle adventure gear manufacturer. This cooperation provided the basis for an adventure snowmobile that can be personalized from a wide selection of Touratech winter adventure accessories. It is based on the popular Lynx Commander 800R E-TEC crossover sled, designed for long-haul trips in varying conditions and comes with special equipment and cargo space requirements.

“We want to encourage people to experience the world, whether by motorcycle or snowmobile. Touratech and BRP share the innovativeness, high-quality products and an urge to provide the best service for the customers,” says Martin Wickert, Head of Sales, Touratech AG.

“Adventure motorcycling has been a growing trend for years, and planning your trip and accessorizing your bike is a big part of the hobby,” explains Jukka Jokinen, BRP’s vice-president and regional general manager for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. “Adventure snowmobilers share this passionate attention to detail with adventure bikers. The Lynx Commander Touratech model is designed to give them the means of realizing their dreams.”

The maiden voyage of the model starts today March 9 from Rovaniemi, Finland when Martin Wickert, Touratech’s Head of Sales will join professional adventurer, Sami Päivike for a snowmobile journey from the Arctic Circle to the Arctic Ocean. Follow their adventure at www.lynxadventure.com.

Extremely Sporty Xtrim
Another novelty in the crossover segment is the Lynx Xtrim RE 800R E-TEC snowmobile – the sportiest Lynx crossover sled of all times. It features a 3,487-mm PowderMax track, all-new Blade DS skis, a Rotax 800R E-TEC engine, and the high capacity KYB shocks also found in the renowned Lynx Rave RE sport sleds. The Xtrim RE sled is a combination of the Lynx racing heritage and innovations in deep-snow riding. It has been designed for experienced, thrill-seeking riders for aggressive riding on and off trail.

BoonDocker Upgrades
The 2016 Lynx BoonDocker deep-snow sport line-up is wider than ever and introduces major updates that contribute to lightness and nimbleness, maintaining the stability and climbing ability that BoonDocker sleds are known for. All BoonDocker models now feature the A-LFS+ front suspension, PPS2-DS rear suspension with new slide rails, and new Blade DS skis that have been designed especially for deep-snow riding. The new BoonDocker DS 4100 800R E-TEC model introduces the 4,414-mm long track with a 74-mm track profile. Both DS 4100 and DS 3900 sleds, along with the BoonDocker 3900 snowmobile feature the renewed PPS²-DS rear suspension with new, tipped slide rails for improved agility and lighter maneuverability in deep snow.

“Based on customer feedback, riders love the stability and climbing ability of BoonDocker sleds, but expect more nimbleness,” says Jokinen. “We address this expectation with the updates for the model year 2016, making BoonDocker models more responsive, yet predictable in deep-snow riding. They are also lighter. For example, the weight reduction on the BoonDocker DS 3900 sled is more than 5 kg. These changes have been tested by professional freeriders and their feedback has been very positive.”