From the early sketches and fabrications of Eliason, Sikorsky, Bombardier and Hetteen, dreaming of the next snowmobile is quite possibly an inherent trait of snowmobilers the world over. While as engineers and riders, we often box in our ideas into a small corner of what we know or can rationalize. For the true dreamers however, the future holds no boundaries and instead of asking why, they pose to us why not. Flooded by feedback from the solo concept sled featured in Bourgeois’ parting October Float Bowl column (The Next Dimension), we scoured our archives and searched the Internet for more. Over the next month, will give you five fresh takes with onver the snow concepts, here is take one.

The most elaborate concept we found to date is without question this SXC unit created by young British designer Christopher Wyeth. Sketched with the possible intent of the SXC becoming a future Honda vehicle, Chris created a complete animated, three-dimensional movie that rotates, disassembles and assembles, and even actuates the unique reversed engineered SXC swingarm rear suspension that features a 3-axis system within the rail. Power comes from high-tech Hitachi battery packs connected in series beneath the seat. To view the entire clip visit and click on Chris’s portfolio.

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