The kids over at Leighton Motorsports, an up and coming national snocross team on the United States based ISOC national snocross tour is working together with Fly Motorsports and has developed a contingency program geared towards Sport riders on the national tour. According to the release, more than $20,000 in contingencies is up for grabs this coming season with $3,000 awarded to the year end champ in the national sport class. Of course there are some rules including racers have to wear Fly gear at every race which includes jacket or jersey, pants, and helmet, along with displaying a Fly Sport 1000 sticker on their windshield. Given clothing and helmet manufacturers are one of the primary sponsors for many racers including Sport riders, the amount of actual payout will likely be much less. No mention in the release if this program has been endorsed by ISOC, which often has its own rules regarding what must be placed on a sled when it comes to decals. Aaaahhhh got to love the politics of snocross. The program appears to be offered in ISOC only, with no mention of CSRA snocross or USXC cross-country circuits. For more information and to register contact [email protected]