Mike Duffy from Avalanche 1 is one of the longest running senior, most dedicated certified instructors we’ve met. We took in a sample of one of Duffy’s courses in Montana last March and were very impressed with his knowledge. Most avalanche classes are taught by skiers and taught from a skiers or snowboarder’s perspective. If you are a snowmobiler, you are usually told not to high point. Much of your time in a ”typical” class is spent learning techniques that work for skiers or snowboarders, and your instructor may not have any backcountry snowmobiling experience. Avalanche 1 classes are different. The classes are taught from a snowmobiler’s perspective. You will learn techniques that work for snowmobilers by an avalanche instructor who has 20 years of mountain riding experience. You will learn how to avoid getting caught in avalanche situations that are inherent to snowmobiling. Find our where you can take a class www.avalanche1.com