Hey everyone! Man – it’s already that time again when the spring snow melts, the summer toys get pulled out, and the fun just continues with the change of seasons! One of our favorite things we look forward to each summer is the Summer X Games. Or the past couple of years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the Summer X Games in our home-state of Minnesota. And this year’s Summer X Games was one for the memory books for sure.

Our daughter Liv participated (yes, like an actual X Games Athlete) at Summer X Games Minneapolis this past July in the e-bike race for kids . . . Can we just pause for a minute to think about the blood, sweat, and tears it took me to get to X Games, and how Liv got to go at four4 years old! Hahaha. This event was a demo type event but, it aired on ABC and Facebook Live. The kids got to keep the bikes they raced, and all the kids and parents received the full X Games athlete experience! For the first time in my X Games career, I had “Athlete Support” on my X Games credentials, instead of “Athlete”…how crazy is that?

The race was on Sunday morning, and by that afternoon, the normal Freestyle motocross, Skate Boarders, and BMX athletes that usually occupy the X Games athlete lounge now had 4-8 year old kids ripping around on e bikes! How pumped were those kids to be able to have an experience like that?! Thank you X Games for making that whole experience possible.

For Liv, she was super nervous after she saw how many other kids were running, but I told here to just go out and ride, have fun, and judging by her smile at the end of the race, she definitely had a blast!

Knowing she was able to experience being an X Games athlete in a fraction of the time it took me, means that if she keeps that pace, she will have me covered before she turns 10! If she comes to me next year and says she wants to do a double flip, I think I am going to have to re-think things a little bit! Hahaha! But really, what a cool opportunity and fun event for young kids to dip their feet into the X Games scene! I am not sure how much e-bike racing we have planned for the future, but one thing is for sure – you never know if you like something until you give it a try. That’s what it’s all about; finding that passion and going for it. I was lucky enough to find my snowmobile passion by the time I was in 4th grade, and look at the doors it opened for me. It’s pretty incredible when you think about it. As our kids get older, we will encourage them to try things in hopes of finding that thing they are passionate about, because you never know where that passion will take you!