Dating back to 1975 where it all began, the Jackson hole Snow Devils snowmobile club unknowingly launched one of snowmobiles most iconic events. In 1975 the event started with only 20 club members that raced up Snow King Mountain and some local teens, who helpfully mapped out the 1500 foot vertical race course. Fast forward to the 43rd Annual World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb, where 300 racers competed for the ultimate bragging rights and 10,000 incoming fans doubles the Jackson, Wyoming’s population. Transforming the town into a year-end snowmobile fraternity party.

Man with dead animal engages riders in a Q&A regarding turbo’s for his 2009 APEX. Joking, no clue…

Jay Mentaberry in the pits watching the bigscreen as he awakes his try at the hill.

Riders meeting prior to the start of the 2019 JH World Champion Hillclimbs.

Rider ? just crossing the finish line with inches to spare from being DQ if hitting gate 32.

Jay Mentaberry getting foot loose around gate 29

Justin Thomas charging hard to the top of Snow King on hisPolaris Hot Rod

JT doing a little side step dangle headed for gates 30 and 31

Luke Rainey charging through the rock gardenat the 2019 JHHclimb

Luke Rainey finishing up his run through gate 32 riding hisPolaris Pro RMK. Guess we can get times if needed? Fromthe Snowdevils

Spanky taking his Skidoo over the top of Snow King

The SLP brothers taking a break from the both up on the hill at Snow King, we have heard about hill help but this seems to be hair help. Those glasses?

Keith Curtis wasunstoppable this year inthe RIMSHAcircuit taking the triple crown at Snow King this Year, It has never beendone before int eh history of the Hillclimb at Jackson

Photo of the event from the top of the of Snow King on a beautiful Saturday afternoon

Rider 455 waiting for the green light at the starting line of the 2019 JHHC

Fans basking in the sun at this years JHHC

Andy Thomas charging throughthe starting line on his way up to the topof Snow King

Riders taking a look at the starting line with a great look of the hill in the back ground,steeper than it looks

Riders meeting

Pic from the top of SnowKing.

David Sharp Jr. he was on his way to knocking Keith off the podium several years ago before he just abruptly quite racing at the start of the season. I was surprised to see him at Jackson this year.