More news from the western regions of the sport this spring as KLIM and Chris Burandt announced today a long-term partnership that will have the decorated snowmobile athlete, legendary adventure guide and backcountry-snowmobiling ace riding, guiding and filming exclusively in KLIM Technical Riding Gear.

Burandt, whose basecamp is in Colorado, rides over 150 days a year in the nearly vertical backcountry of his backyard. His impressive career spans milestones from X Games Gold Medals to numerous film appearances to a successful touring and adventure company. His passion for riding and massive skillset has seen him on top of backcountry and freestyle snowmobiling’s worlds. His all-around riding ability and effortless style is widely known as one of the best.

“I try to align myself with the most elite companies in this industry,” Burandt said. “And that’s something I’ve taken pride in since the beginning. It makes me really excited to be with KLIM and to be in the best gear on the snow. The ingenuity, engineering and all the features of the KLIM gear fit my riding style and my company.”

KLIM’s research and development team based in Idaho will utilize Burandt’s heavy riding schedule and incredible experience to innovate future generations of riding gear. His addition to their roster of all-star riders and respected snowmobile ambassadors ensures the best riders in the world are riding in KLIM.

“Teaming up with the KLIM Family is going to be good for everyone,” Burandt said. “I can’t wait to get with the engineers at KLIM and provide them my feedback on the gear. The quality and performance is already at such an elite level, I can’t wait to see where it can go from here!”

“Having Chris and Burandt Backcountry Adventures on our team is a perfect fit,” Said Sid Huntsman, Snow Marketing Manager for KLIM. “His passion for the sport and extensive experience will be a real asset. Chris has a real desire to align himself with the best and so does KLIM. This partnership will help both us both take technical riding gear to the next level, something that will benefit everyone in the industry. KLIM already has the most talented team of sponsored athletes to ever hit the snow. Adding Chris and his team just makes it that much stronger. We can’t wait to get this partnership in motion and honestly, I can’t wait to do some test riding with Chris and his team!”