Ready or not kids, the new season is fast approaching, and with a new season comes new gear from Klim. We just got word of a redesigned one-piece  Lochsa and an all-new, affordable Ripsa one-piece. Check out the official release from Kllim below and look for the new gear at a dealership or snow show near you this fall. Get ready….winter is coming.

NEW 2018 KLIM RIPSA ONE-PIECE – Engineered from the chassis of the Lochsa one-piece, the Ripsa promises similar performance characteristics with a focus on mobility and at a lower price than the competition.

New Klim Ripsa One-Piece (available in blue, black, dark grey, and pink)

KLIM is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible riding experiences. The one-piece design offers unprecedented protection from comfort-killing moisture and wind, by creating a waterproof and windproof seal that covers nearly the entire body. The result is a highly mobile riding platform that eliminates bulk and creates the perfect microclimate for aggressive riders.

The Ripsa is one of the least expensive ways to get head-to-toe KLIM GORE-TEX® coverage including the GUARANTEE TO KEEP YOU DRY® PROMISE when compared to other KLIM jacket and bib combos. Our laminated GORE-TEX® Performance shell is highly breathable and manages large ranges of aerobic activity and sweat with ease.


REDESIGNED 2018 KLIM LOCHSA ONE-PIECE – The newly redesigned Lochsa one-piece raises the bar for performance-oriented backcountry snowsuits. KLIM knows the demand for the best in durability, ventilation and waterproofing, and engineered this monosuit for those needs. For deep powder and terrain that demands your best effort, this one-piece promises ventilation and ergonomic, durable construction to keep you at peak performance.

KLIM’s drive for constant improvement brings the redesigned Lochsa to the peak of KLIM’s durability scale. Now 185% more durable than the outgoing generation, Lochsa is rated in the “most durable” class of KLIM snow gear.

The lack of overlays in fabric construction means the entire suit, built completely from waterproof 3 Layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell, remains extremely breathable. A total of eight vents provide the extra airflow when needed.

As is tradition for KLIM, an industry-first on the new Lochsa is the integrated beacon harness system to keep you more avalanche-ready than ever before. You deserve the utmost confidence in your equipment.

Further improvements include more functional fitment and adjustment features, snap (non-Velcro) suspenders with guides, refined knee pad coverage, and improved gaiter design to eliminate snow intrusion.


Redesigned Klim Lochsa one-piece is now rated in the most durable class of snow gear.