Rob Alford Backcountry Ski-Doo Rider

When it comes to snowmobiling and more specifically free riding, the name Rob Alford has been at the top for 20 years. Rob’s talentshave been featured in numerous videos and magazines over the years and he is currently aSki-Doo Brand Ambassador. Rob’s true passion is snowmobiling and when he’s not out riding  snowmobiles, guiding snowmobile groups at his lodge ( or being photographed on snowmobiles, he can be found fishing, enduro dirt biking or mountain biking. He’s also a hell of a photographer! Check out OSM’s last issue of the Shooter’s Showcase where Rob is not only featured riding, but behind the lens as well.

Last time you asked “Do I really have to ride with these guys?” – A few years back with a group that wrecked four sleds in four days, lol!

Last time you thought why? – When spring came early this week, and wrecked all our dry powder.

Last time you said, seriously? – Watching my buddy drive his sled into a twelve foot deep hole.

Last time you were upside down? – A week ago on the new expert 2020.

Last place you ate out? – Sushi last night.

Last time you had McDonald’s? – Ten plus years ago.

Last time you sounded like a parent? – Ha-ha, yesterday.

Last time you shook your head? – Yesterday while watching my neighbour ripping around the block on his kid’s mini bike.

Last time you took the trash out? – Right now.

Last snowmobile you crashed? – One small crash last week. A few scratches, they buffed out.

Last thing you built? – A BD turbo and IQS Fox suspensionSki-Doo.

Last snowfall that made you excited? – Last week’s waist deep fluff.

Last fish you caught? – Last summer, a Coho.

Last time you thought you needed a bigger boat? – Mine is big enough.

Last time you received a complement? – Yesterday on myInstagram page.

Last time you said that’s the last time? – Ha-ha, there has been a few times.

Last time you rode a snowmobile for fun? – Last Friday we had lots of fun.

Last time you thought WTF? – Last week watching a group of sledders high marking an avy slope while being parked in the run out.

Last time you called someone a name? – I try and avoid name calling.

Last time you said F$*% yeah. that’s how that’s done? – Last Friday, watching my bro doing a sick descent on his sled.

Last time you looked at your sled and said I love you? – Every day.

Last time you were asked for ID? – A long time ago, now I forgot.

Last time you thought you should win the lottery? – Right now.

Last place you rode? – Revelstoke, B.C.

Last time you worked on your sled? – Yesterday.

Last truck you owned? – 3500 Duramax.

Last injury? – Two summers ago, I separated my shoulder.

Last words of advice? – Always be positive, life’s too short.