If you are looking for a new jacket for the 2020 season you should consider the newly re-designed Valdez Parka from Klim. Klim has removed the linerentirely to make sure that there is no binding within the jacket and increased the breathability by 25%. Klim also placed the vents on your biceps so that you get a flow of air over your shoulder and with the increased vent exits give proper flow throughout the jacket. If you ride with a backpack and can’t access or use all of your pockets, theValdez Parka has a pass through pocket system that allows you tostrap your pack around your waist through the jacket. Go to

Dayco XTX HPX HP Belts

Make sure you have one of Dayco’s performance belts the XTX, HPX, or the HP wrapped around your clutch. Dayco belts are specificallyengineered to give your machine top performance at any RPM. With high temperature polymer and engineered reinforcements, there’s nothing these belts can’t go through. We can’t stressenough about the importance of a spare belt. Find the right belt for your snowmobile at