With a current cold snap gripping much of North America and snow finally falling as well, sledders are eager to get ripping this season. The crew here at OSM went for our first Midwest rip this week with temperatures hovering just above 0° Fahrenheit and it being the first ride of the season, we wanted to make sure we stayed warm. Thus we busted out our KLIM Aggressor Base layer as the first step to keeping warm for the day. Unlike most base layer system, which typically come in just one weight, KLIM offers three levels of base layer warmth ranging from 1.0 to 3.0. The heaviest base system puts more thermal trapping material where it is needed most and less where you don’t such as in the armpit area. In addition the seams of the material are as minimal as possible, keeping it free from rub points that can cause irritation after a day of bombing in the powder. The 1.0 system starts out at $49.99 (US) for the shirt and the same for pants. If you want maximum warmth the 3.0 system is $99.99 (US) accordingly. Visit KLIM for more details or see your local dealer.