As part of its ongoing commitment to snowmobile safety, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has agreed to work together with Biteharder Sharpening Tools to further improve snowmobile safety on the trails. Biteharders’s full line of carbide runner and stud sharpening tools uses the latest in technology to sharpen your snowmobiles traction products providing for consistent performance and enhanced safety every time you out on the trail.

“Snowmobilers now have the benefit of Renewable Traction Performance (RTP) to assure the best ride possible in all conditions. Our standard series tools can be used with a cordless or corded drill for convenient anywhere/anytime sharpening,” explains Glenn Welch, developer of the Biteharder product line. “No more compromises or frustrations that come with dull carbide runners, just superior performance, greater control, and a safer ride.”

“Our goal is to make snowmobiling safer for everyone, and this new technology from BITEHARDER will be a major step in achieving this goal,” says Lisa Stackhouse, OFSC’s Manager of Participation and Partnership Development.

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