The sun comes out, snow melts – spring arrives and we have to tuck our sleds away for another season. Why not get a head start and earn yourself a 13 HP Gain for next winter! Achieve results by adding the MTNTK Performance AXYS Full Mod kit to your Polaris. This is an all around mod kit built for your AXYS Polaris by adding an additional 13HP gain and an increase of 7.5 in torque.  The MTNTK Mod Kit is designed to run on pump gas and uses a Bully Dog GT, so there is no rider tuning required.

This kit includes a variety of new performance parts such as: a Muffler upgrade; Revised GT Tuning; Lightweight pistons with the same durability but with the added throttle response; Upgraded clutching that includes helix, weights, and springs. And Optional Race Gas upgrade for even more performance gain.

With this kit you will also receive a free MTNTK Blow Hole that pulls in over 140 cubic feet per minute of air into the hood, keeping the clutch and belt cooler for optimal performance. With the active venting system heat is drawn out of the engine bay and re-circulated with cooler air and with the low amp DC fan it will not over work your electrical system.

MTNTK Performance has more mod kits to fit your needs, even a TURBO Mod Kit for added arm ripping power; pick the right kit for you! Just think of the smile on your face while you blow by your buddies next season…

Go to and and check out their complete line of SnowCheck-able products and get ready for next season.