JUNE 15, 2023 – 1820 100TH AVE N.E., SUITE 195, CALGARY AB T3J 0P7

Fred Fox, owner of LeMans Corp., founded Parts Canada in Calgary, AB in 1999. It was later rebranded to Parts Canada – Drag Specialties in 2001. The headquarters and western distribution center were established in Calgary, AB in 2002, and a warehouse in London, ON was opened in 2008. Now, Parts Canada proudly announces the opening of a new western distribution center in Calgary, Alberta.

The London warehouse has 170,000 sq ft of usable space and 25 loading docks. The previous Calgary warehouse had 75,000 sq ft with 9 docks. The new Calgary warehouse offers over 190,000 sq ft of usable space and 27 loading docks. With a total of 360,000 sq ft and 52 loading docks, Parts Canada can efficiently serve Canadian dealers and provide faster turnaround times and next-day regional service in the western regions.

Previously, 70% of the inventory was managed in London, but now it will be evenly split, with 40% more SKUs shipping from Calgary. This expansion allows Parts Canada to carry more brands and parts, including venturing into other industry segments like bicycling, benefiting their dealers and customers with increased inventory and fill rates.

The new Calgary warehouse, like the London one, will be largely automated, reducing packaging waste, costs, and freight expenses. Automation will include robotic skid movers and pack-to-box picking technology, streamlining the shipping process for quicker order fulfillment and lower costs for customers.

Parts Canada is committed to further developing automation and technology in the next 12 months and is hiring additional staff to support their growth. As a part of LeMans Corp., a global leader in powersports industry distribution, Parts Canada aims to better serve customers and the industry through their expansion and dedication to excellence.

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