While some pockets in North America will continue to enjoy good riding in to June, for most of us, its the off season and with it comes changes on the business side of things. We just got word this morning of new executives joining the Six Star Riders club in Ontario’s 10th District. Got some off-season news you’d like to share? Let us know at [email protected]

MacTier, ONTARIO – The Six Star Snowriders Club (SSSR) is pleased to announce two new Executives will be joining the club. Scott Gibson will join as President and Steve Tait will join as Vice President, effective May 2013. Both Mr. Gibson and Mr. Tait are long time outdoor enthusiasts, with many years of snowmobiling experience, and want to do their part to ensure that SSSR continues to grow within OFSC District 10. “I have been part of the Six Star membership for many years, and now it’s time for me to become more involved to ensure that future generations can enjoy this sport in our region”, said Mr. Gibson. “I have long admired the work that has been done by the previous executives, particularly for its forward-looking leadership and a community focused mindset” he added.

“I am looking forward to working with the SSSR Executive and membership to plan and execute projects that will drive the club to be the best club in the province”, said Mr. Tait. Michael Kastelic (Finance/Treasury), Valerie Rivett (Secretary), Jamie McGregor (Trails Coordinator and Past President), and Louse Rivett (Director) remain active within the clubs’ management team.

About Six Star Snowriders Club

Six Star Snowriders Club is a volunteer led, non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of trail enthusiasts and volunteers, in the communities where we operate. We recognize that through strong leadership, environmental stewardship and quality trail management, we can offer a responsible snowmobile riding experience for generations to come. Six Star Snowriders Club strives for continuous improvement in our trail system by linking new trails with existing trails and by promoting safe snowmobiling through education programs and training.

The system consists of over 180 kilometers of well-maintained, wide trails offering a variety of snowmobiling opportunities. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club’s (OFSC) TOP trail system enables riders to travel through quickly, while excellent family -oriented trails also give snowmobilers the chance to take in great scenery at a slower pace.