Last week, Arctic Cat teased an image of three new Team Arctic race snowmobiles. I saw plenty of social comments with a lot of great guesses on what they would be. Some were accurate, others I’d consider wishful thinking. Regardless, the shop talk about “what’s coming” is one reason we all love snowmobiling.

Today we learn the true details. I for one, am happy to see AC build new competition snowmobiles this year. Despite the shortened race season last year due to COVID, Team Arctic had some satisfying results.

Tomorrow, Ill share an interview with Zach Herfindahl (Factory Team Arctic XC Pro and 2020’s Stock 600 USXC Champ). Zach will give you his take on the new ZR6000R-XC, the updates, and what that means for Arctic Cat customers who ordered one.

Enjoy the photos and specs…let’s hear your thoughtful comments.


My big takeaway(s) from the new 2021 R-XC is: The shifts from a 137- to a 129-inch rear skidframe/track and moving from the ARSII to ARS front suspension. Arctic Cat drew the line in the sand and only offers 137-inch length skidframes on their consumer ZR model offerings. They did it for good reason too…the longer skidframe provides better traction/floatation and soaks up trail bumps. So why the shift back to 129? This combo helps for better lowered suspension set-ups on many of the lake races found on the cross-country race circuit, but also has some some characteristics aiding speed on rough terrain sections of the XC race course. Zach Herfindahl will share with us some of those benefits tomorrow, as well as his influence on the new R-XC.

Its good to see a revised race sled for the snocross racers. And I’m anxiously awaiting the 2020/2021 tour schedule from ISOC. Based on conversations the National Snocross organizer has had with the OEMs recently, It sounds like the National Tour schedule will be released within the coming weeks. Due to COVID implications, I’d also assume the schedule will look different than what we’ve seen in the past, including later season starting dates and some changes in venues. Regardless, we should all get our chance to see some great snocross racing. Hooray!

In a press conference with snowmobile journalists, Team Arctic’s Race Manager, Mike Kloety, talked about the importance of hillclimb racing to the company, and the lightweight agility of the new M8000R with 154-inch Alpha rail should help the success of their racers. Knowing the Alpha can withstand the rigors of hillclimb, makes a guy wonder how a modified version would do on a snocross sled? Added cornering speed anyone? Hmmmm?