The vintage¬† and antique snowmobile scene has become so popular and prolific, the seasons just don’t matter anymore. There are shows and gatherings happening throughout the year, and many are attracting more enthusiasts than many of today’s modern sled shindigs (Hello OEMs, are you listening?) Case in point is the fast approaching National Championship Show slated for Rochester, Minnesota, June 8-10 at the fairgrounds, and hosted by the Vintage Snowmobile Club of America (VSCA). Celebrating year number 13, the show has become one of the biggest period, and with this year’s location being in the heart of snowmobiling in North America, it’s gonna be huge. Word has it all indoor vendor space is already sold out, as too is the Special Sled Display area. Featuring two arenas jammed with sleds, a huge parking lot swap meet, an ice-breaker reception, evening banquet, guest speakers, awards, and plenty of good times, this is one vintage show you don’t want to miss. For more information visit the National Championship Show website.