It wont be long now… Before you know it, the snow will fall.  The season is just around the corner, and the crew at OSM have been hard-at-work compiling, discussing, researching, and investigating what’s new in the parts and accessory market. We’ve been talking with industry folk, shaking the bushes to get the lowdown on the new and cool stuff we think you should know about.

To follow are some products that will for sure get you excited about what is coming down the pipeline for this sledding season. – Enjoy.



NXT LVL Series Windshield Pak

We know a ton of riders that remove the windshield from their buggy for many-many reasons. If you are one of those riders, then you should have a serious look at the NXT LVL Windshield Pak. Designed to located directly over the existing OEM windshield holes, this pack is made from a durable structural fabric that wont break or bend. The Pak is also available in a vented design that ingeniously has been designed to work directly with the heat vents on the cowling to keep warm and/or dry and what ever you may want to stash away. Who doesn’t love that feeling of putting on a warm pair of dry goggles half way through the day? Pure joy.   For complete details and fitment for your sled head over to your local Gamma Powersport dealer:

NXT LVL Series Tunnel Bag

Here is a tunnel bag that can morph into a storage device for whatever day you are heading out for. The Paks were developed with a modular-type design allowing you to choose whether to pack for a quick rip to the clubhouse, or an extended full pull to the cabin in the woods. The Pak universally attaches to the tunnel with supplied buckles and adhesive Velcro making it a breeze to remove. A nice added “attention to detail” is the heavy duty D-Rings that allows additional larger items to be toted along with the use of bungee cords.  For complete details head over to your local Gamma Powersport dealer:



Switch Goggle

Here is a new goggle from Triple 9 Optics that needs to be put on the “I-want-that” list. With large spherical lenses, these goggles actually help increase the vision range and extends the peripheral view. This makes it easier for you to spot your buddy trying to sneak up and pass you on the inside.  The newly designed vent foam also helps the goggle breath, but at the same time, stop as much cold air from seeping in. We all know that is a fine-line balance between cold face and foggy goggles.  The goggles also include an oversize nose beak and a silicone lined strap. To get your hands on the newest goggle from Triple 9 check in at your local Gamma Powersports Dealer:


XCS-Ski-SetXSC Ski

We caught wind, that our friends at C&A Pro have just dropped yet another new ski in to the marketplace. Introducing the all-new XCS (aka the Xtreme Cross Ski), which answers the call for a snowmobile ski that will work on the faster and lighter sleds being offered. C&A put some serious testing into this bad-boy and created a ski that provides ample off-trail flotation, at the same time as, laying down a solid footing while on-trail. The design of the outboard keel helps alleviate darting and the newly developed traction scoops (found on both sides of center keel) aids in keeping the XCS planted firmly when you hot into the corner. So all in all the designers at C&A Pro have created a ski that is proficient in “ground-and-pound” situations as well as those occasional trips “off-trail” when you want to show your buddies how good you can handle the deep pow-brah. For complete details and where to get your hand on a set head over to:


stud-image-prBiteHarder Stud Sharpener

While you are sitting around the shop looking for stuff to do before the snow falls, may we suggest you take that wasted time and put your idle hands to good use. One of the newest products to be released from our friends at BiteHarder is a tool designed to sharpen your studs, without the need of removing them from your track. The tool uses the same proven diamond coating found on their famous carbide sharpening tool, and was developed to give more life to your existing studs. The BiteHarder Stud Sharpener operates best with tools that turn at a min of 10,000 RPM. (So guys your cordless drill will not cut it – you are going to need to a pneumatic style grinder) This bad boy is going to put a tip on your studs that is seriously sharp resulting in giving you the hole-shot advantage when your buddy rolls up beside and gives you that look…oh you know the look.  For complete info check out:



DualFloatDual Pressure System: Fox FLOAT Shocks

This system from Hygear definitely falls under the “What is Cool” category. Developed specifically for the FOX FLOAT and FOX FLOAT 2 air shocks, the Dual Pressure System literally changes the way your air shocks work. After the simple install of the system, which includes all billet aluminum mounting clamps and air fittings, your shocks will now have reservoirs that have two charging valves so ride height and bottoming can be adjusted independently. The additional air volume allows you to run higher pressure for better handling, stability and reduced body roll and you don’t have to sacrifice the bottoming resistance or ride quality.  Yup, you have to admit, this is pretty cool.

For complete info and even a short video on how this works head over to:


ColdCrossCold Cross Race Replica Jacket and Bib

Seriously, what sledder deep down inside doesn’t dream about being a racer. You know we all do it. Every corner, hit, or pass you do on trail gives you that notion that you too have what it takes to be an outstanding racer. The FXR Cold Cross Race Replica brings you one step close to your dream. The jacket is made from a wind and waterproof trilaminate material that has a 4-way stretch shell that will keep up with your sweet moves out on the trail. The pants are constructed of a durable polyester shell that feature reinforced instep and hems, accordion stretch gussets with an overall race cut design. So not only are you going to look like a racer, you are going to be able to move like a racer. Check out for the complete lineup.





The Monosuit is becoming very popular, and the Maverick from FXR is a suit that not only has a really cool look, but also has some serious features. Shown here in the new “bad-ass” Charcoal/Grey/Orange and White color-style, FXR has thrown the kitchen sink at the Maverick when it comes to features. Things like; 2-way front zipper, lining pocket with goggle wipe chamois, inner adjustable (and removable) suspenders, removable hood, Tether D-Ring, Scotchlite™ reflective inserts and a hidden pocket key on the left sleeve. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to wearing a monosuit, so if you are considering making the switch, then take a serious look at the Maverick from FXR. ‘Nuff said.  Check out for the complete lineup.





Scott is one of the leaders when it comes to winter goggles. They were the first to introduce the adjustable FIX system, which allows the rider to adjust the frame to fit different face shapes. Leave it to Scott to tackle another problem; having to pack multiple goggles for a day out on the trail or mountain. Any serious rider knows that the only reason you need to switch goggles during the day is due to a lens issue like the lighting has changed, you got a face full of snow or you fogged up the first pair. Introducing the LCG (Lens Change Goggle) from Scott. This engineering masterpiece allows the rider to swap the lens at the push of a button. That’s right, you read that correctly, simply depress the button on the side of the frame, and the lens removes itself ready to accept the other lens that came with the goggle. We know right now you going through all the benefits of only carrying an extra lens as opposed to an entire set of goggles.  The LCG comes with two different lenses, a really cool hard carrying case, and of course, features the FIT system we already told you about.   Yup, we will wait as you go check out for complete details.


PowerMaddLimited Edition Sentinel Handguards

Hey Ladies, you know we are always looking for things you might like too. Our friends over at Powermadd let us know that they have introduced a limited edition Pink and Black color style in their popular Sentinel Handguards. Made from two types of plastic, one being a stiff spine for durability, and one being a softer colored plastic for flexibility, these handguards are going to offer up some amazing protection at the same time as giving you an updated cool look. Available in other colors if Pink is not your thing. Head over to for complete details.

XCross_Boot_W_FuchsiaX Cross Boot

The X Cross is FXRs’ number one selling boot and new for this season the designers have introduced a serious, solid fuchsia color. The X Cross is a crossover boot that has been designed with enough support and warmth for the serious trail rider, but at the same time, is flexible enough to be used as an everyday boot. Throw in the fact that it is comes in pink-on-pink and gentleman you now have that perfect “I love you” gift when it comes time to explain the week long trip you are currently planning with your buddies.

Check out for the complete lineup.





Blade-Carbon_HelmetBlade Carbon Helmet

New from FXR this year is the seriously cool looking Black/Hi-Vis color-style in the Blade Carbon Helmet. For those of you that know of the Blade Carbon you can stop reading and just enjoy the photo. For those that don’t know about the Blade Carbon; FXR released a 100% with features that include; a Hi-Flow visor born from the race track that reduces lift and protects from roost, 10 intake vents and 4 exhaust ports, super-strong billet aluminum visor screws (yes strong but cool factor way high as well) and a front chin bar that easily integrates a Breath Box or Anti-Fog mask system. Want to know more about this bucket protector head over to: