Oh sure there have been tune capable weights in the past, but the kids at Starting Line Products (SLP) have brought fresh thinking to the concept with their new Magnum Force weight kits for Polaris 600 and 800 applications. Unlike other “tunable” designs, the Magnum weight touts a center core adjustment design serving up a range of adjustment from 60.7 to 68.4 grams. This new weight works through its unique mass distribution profile,  combining maximum shift force on the low end with excellent top end performance. The striking profile of this new weight utilizes our most efficient heavy heel design yet, with instant response and increased acceleration. According to SLP, on weight does it all – aggressive shift profile with ease of tuning. For more information contact Starting Line Products at (208)529-0244 or visit www.startinglineproducts.com.

You can also learn more by checking out their video HERE