There’s a lot of changes happening for 2018 for all the manufacturers, but in the glitz and bling of the new models, sometimes we overlook some of the goodness that is happening deep down, underneath the cowl. Case in point are the many updates and improvements found in all 2018 Summit and Freeride models in regards to the clutching and driveline components. The cumulative result of the changes listed below are said to drop belt operating temperatures between 15 and 40 degrees Celsius (that’s 27-72 degrees Fahrenheit). Of course we all know lower belt operating temperatures results in greatly improved belt durability and life. Here’s a rundown of what has changed.

  • New finned fixed pDrive sheave
  • Revised CVT calibrations
  • New belt design
  • New gearing ratios
  • Revised PTO and MAG side engine mounts
  • Improved cooling through a new clutch cover with improved flow characteristics

According to the release, Ski-Doo is “still looking into the issue for 2017 850 E-TEC owners” and that “the majority of 2017 850 E-TEC owners have had no issues, but they always strive for zero issues”.