This sled has a lot going for it including a 4-inch FLY riser with 5-inch Renthal bars for a total of 9-inches of tail standing, bar-rising action. In fact, it looks like there could be as much bar and riser as there is actual steering post, which is sure to score you huge points with the flat brim hat energy drink drinkin’ crowd. Some of the aftermarket parts (that, ironically, came stock with this sled) include:

Foxs shocks with remote reservoirs
Camoplast 1.35in track

Has a Black Magic can for braaapin’ yer neighbors while they watch American Idol and polished tunnel, of course. Custom RMK seat actually looks pretty nice, and hey, that’s all that counts. This sled’s got all the ingredients to wake up the neighbors and bang the closest ditch.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.36.19 AM