The activities and buzz surrounding this winter’s 50th celebration of the World Championship Eagle River Derby will undoubtedly make it the event of the season and a must attend. The latest addition just announced is a vintage snowmobile parade as part of the ever growing vintage weekend at the famed track the week prior to the big show. According to General Manager Todd Achterberg, participants in the parade will get to not only ride through downtown Eagle River on their vintage iron, but make a few laps on the Derby oval as well. Here’s the update we received from Todd this morning – get your starting fluid ready:

For all you old, die hard Snowmobilers and your old never-say-die sleds we’ll once again ride from the Derby Track to down town Eagle River and back again during Vintage Weekend.  It will all happen on Saturday night after the day’s racing is complete.  On Saturday (that’s January 12th) fans will be allowed to bring their classic snowmobiles inside the grounds.  Sleds Free, riders not.  (snowmobiles must enter from the north end of the track by the red barn). We’ll assemble in front the parked motor-homes from the North end of the Hot Seats towards the fourth corner of the track. This will make a nice display for fans to see your machines. At 6:00 pm we’ll ride into downtown Eagle River and back to the race track for a lap or two around the famed ice oval.  No racing, just low and slow; pictures encouraged. When the ride is completed everybody will have their choice of going up to visit the Hall of Fame or just calling it a good evening.  This should be about an hour and a half activity. This is going to be a very special year for it’s the 50th Anniversary of the Derby.  The weekend after Vintage will see many of the past champions returning as well as their actual winning sleds or replicas of the same. For more information on the vintage weekend and the 50th celebration visit