It was a question that was often asked but the answer was always the same. Ever since Yamaha partnered with an outside vendor to bring both turbo and supercharged power gains to their Nytro MTX mountain sleds, power hungry trail riders asked…what about me? Well the wait is over as Yamaha announced the addition of a Mountain Performance bolt-on Trail Supercharger kit for 2008-2013 FX Nytro models. According to Yamaha brass, the kit induces a mild 5 psi with premium pump gas to give a performance boost equating to 180-horsepower and 116 foot-lbs of torque. The kit includes an additional heat exchanger, ice scratchers, primary clutch weights, primary clutch rollers, primary clutch rivets, new gearing and chain, and of course all the supercharger goodies. Pricing is set at $4,399.95 and kits are expected to arrive in dealerships by mid-October 2012. Below is the official release from Yamaha and you can see a full-dressed supercharged Nytro at Haydays this weekend.

Kennesaw, Georgia, September 4, 2012 – Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A. announced it will distribute the Trail Supercharger kit, a low-elevation bolt-on, premium pump-gas upgrade for its FX Nytro models and exclusive to Yamaha from Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI). The supercharger provides instant throttle response and a power increase of up to 45 horsepower over stock.

 The Trail Supercharger kit is designed and engineered to provide quality installation, fit and finish with no modifications to the Nytro’s hood or side panels. All wiring uses stock-style connectors, eliminating the need to cut or splice the wiring harness.

 MPI’s experts designed this kit to work seamlessly with Yamaha fuel injection system components and to use the stock exhaust. The result is a performance boost while delivering day-to-day operational characteristics similar to the stock sled.

 Designed to fit 2008-to-2013 FX Nytro, Nytro RTX, Nytro RTX SE, Nytro XTX and Nytro XTX 1.75 snowmobiles, this kit includes a tunnel-mounted auxiliary cooler, a set of accessory ice scratchers, and all necessary clutch and gearing calibration components. It includes a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.*