Following the formula they have used the past few seasons, Yamaha showed up at Snow Shoot with bevy of factory approved boosted buggies in a variety of track lengths. Unlike the past few years, where the added power was stuffed into the Nytro chassis, this year we got to sample the added goodness of turbo charging in the new Viper chassis. While there were many mountain only models in both the 153-inch and 162-inch lengths, it was the little guy that really had us digging the new combination. The Viper XTX LE is perhaps the ultimate hybrid buggy for 2015, with a 141-inch track and 2.25-inch paddles providing the traction, our deep snow riding expert was literally shocked at the capabilities of this buggy. The vehicle climbs and dices through the trees with mountain goat capabilities and performs as if the track was much longer. Despite the added heft of the four-stroke under hood, the sled feels way balanced and thanks to the short overall dimensions, can “dangle” through the rhubarb with fleet of foot results. Too bad Yamaha doesn’t offer the turbo kit in below 6,000-foot calibrations. Perhaps we can convince them to make an exception?