We tend to be a bunch of cynical coots here at OSM, especially when it comes to talking shop about the new sleds. But just like your mom told you, if you don’t have anything nice to say… Well guess what, we do! Here are four things we like about the new Polaris buggies for 2015. (Dont’ worry, our rant on things not so great will soon follow). Now crack a cold one and read on.

Pro-S Calibration (action image of Rush PRO S) – The new Rush and Switchback models will come calibrated two ways, a Pro-S version geared more towards honing trails and a Pro-X version for monster bumps. The Pro-X comes with front shocks that are 1.5-inches longer and big bump calibrations. We know most guys are gonna want the ego filling Pro-X version but we’d tell you to think again. The Pro-S is better, WAY better, even in rough terrain. The lower center of gravity and thus lower roll-center makes the S the far better choice, even when hammering through heavy trail chop. Unless you want to pound a snocross track every day, don’t listen to your ego, you’ll be way happier.

Indy 800 – We love the Indy, in fact this past season we didn’t even have a Pro-Ride suspension in our USA fleet, instead opting for the more traditional chassis and suspension, and its far more compliant ride and spot on handling traits (by jory). If you want to carve up trails and don’t want to spend a fortune for the latest and greatest, this is perhaps the best money you can spend on an 800 buggy for 2015.

Steering Effort – You know we’ve bitched plenty within these pages about the heavy steering effort and rider acrobatics it has taken in years past to negotiate a twisted trail aboard a Pro-Ride chassis. We are happy to report those nags are gone! The new AXYS delivers a light, predictable, and dare we say, down right righteous riding experience. Yeah buddy.

Turn Returns – Not only does the new AXYS platform dramatically reduce rider effort, it has brought back the thrill of carving up a freshly groomed trail. While we are not about to call it the best on snow just yet, the Rush and Switchback in Pro-S trim turns flat, has way predictable initial turn-in, and if you say away from the ultra aggressive tracks, allows you to power out from the Apex with helmet scrunching grins.