A Sledder’s Gift Guide

 The season of giving is upon us, and we at OSM, know just how hard it is to find that perfect gift for the sledder in your life. Don’t fear; the OSM product team scoured hundreds of items and found some perfect gifts that we are sure will bring a smile to any snowmobiler on Christmas morning. Have a safe and happy holiday season and we will see you out on trails.



Adrenaline Jacket

The Farmers Almanac is calling for a seriously cold winter this year. It might be time to update one of the most important pieces of your sled gear – The Jacket and Pant. If your sled adventures take you out all day, crossing lakes, and well into the night you need a jacket that will keep up. The Adrenaline Jacket from FXR offers sub-freezing breathability along with lifesaving floatation assistance (F.A.S.T™).  It is constructed with a durable 600D polyester shell and a fully removable insulated liner. FXR didn’t stop there, is also threw in a magnetic snap front closure, an insulated fleece-lined chest pocket, a rear storage zippered pocket and a zippered inside lining pocket with goggle wipe. The Adrenaline Jacket literally has all the bells and whistles.

To check out all the details head over to www.fxrracing.com

Avid Jacket Charcoal Grey-Blue

Avid Technical Neoshell Jacket

Guys be a hero this Christmas and give your gal a jacket that is breathable waterproof and answers the age old problem of overheating and sweating (Sorry we should say perspiring) during aggressive riding. The new Avid Technical  Neoshell Jacket has a unique ability to offer instant breathability which draws moisture away from the inside while maintaining it’s waterproof and windproof features. This eliminates the need to shed layers during physical activity. Now go return that vacuum you bought her and head over to  www.DivasOuterwear.com to find out where you can get one of these suits.



Flux 4.1 “Devil” Modular

Looking for a helmet that is packed full of features and wont kill the Christmas budget then look no further than the Flux 4.1 “Devil” Modular helmet from Zoan. New for this season the designers at Zoan developed an all-new removable breath guard with duo fasteners, which makes for a cleaner, more secure fit. The Flux also features a removable machine washable interior, a quick release retention system, a tool-less inner and outer removable shield and an easy one-button modular release system. To see the complete lineup head to your local Gamma Powersports Dealer: www.gammapowersports.com



Scott Bikes

Hey guys, this may not seem like a snowmobile related item to add to a sledder’s wish list, however sometimes you got to think outside the box when you are drafting your list to Santa. First off, who does not want a shiny new bike for X-Mas? Second, everyone knows, cardio in the summer means better trail times in the winter. Scott Sports has a complete line up of serious bikes for the serious rider. Whether you are into road riding or Mountain Bikes, you should seriously check out the bike lineup from Scott Sports. They are serious bikes. So remember the guy who trains in the summer is always the guy out front in the winter, and we all know if you’re not first-your last.  www.scottsports.com


Biteharder-All-ProductsBite Harder Gift Pack

We have featured these items in previous issues this year from Bite Harder, but we wanted to give you a great idea for the perfect gift under the tree.  The Bite Harder Gift Pack would include a carbide grinding tool, a stud sharpener, a side support tool and the all new 12v Grinding Tool. Give this gift pack to the sledder in your life and he/she be able to corner better, get faster hole shots on the hard pack and all that can all be accomplished right on the side of the trail or in the hotel parking lot.  Now that is a gift that just keeps on giving. Check out www.biteharder.com for details.



Fly SNX Pro Jacket and Pant

Brand new to Canada this Christmas season is the SNX Pro Jacket from Fly Racing and if you are thinking about wrapping up a new suit for the sledder in your life, then you should take a serious look at this bad boy. Constructed with a breathable material that is fully waterproof along with strategically placed rugged material panels, the SNX Pro will stand up to whatever abuse is out on the trails. Other cool features are the intake and exhaust vents when things heat up, and fully insulated liner that can be zipped in when the temps drop. The pants are constructed from the same material as the jacket and are available in either an insulated or lite shell version. Check your local Gamma Powersports dealer for complete details. www.gammapowersports.com


Sportviz Prescription Goggles

We know the struggles that riders who wear glasses go through when you are blasting down the trail. Either you are trying to jam your existing glasses under your goggles, which is not ideal, or you simply don’t wear your glasses and lets be honest that’s really not ideal. Sportviz goggles answers both those problems and the concept is simple. Pick your “core” goggle (they offer both snow and dirt style goggles) then send along your glasses prescription with your order. When your goggles arrive, there is an insert that snaps into the goggle frame that matches your exact prescription. So you could order a snow, dirt and even water goggles, and then order one prescription insert, and you now have three different goggles that are tailored exactly to what you need to see better out on the trail. We have ordered a set for Muff of Month celebrity rider Fluffy who is our resident glass-wearing rider, and we will let you know how they perform in an upcoming issue. Pretty cool gift item we think. To check it out head over to www.sportviz.com  and see what they have to offer.

PullHandleTricked Toys Pull Cord Handle

For the sledder that likes to open shiny items at Christmas look no further than Tricked Toys.  From the makers off all things custom and shiny, Tricked Toys, have a complete line up of Pull Cord handles that take the look of a stock sled to the next level. Ladies this is one of those gift items that will show him how much you really care .You know what it is like to get bling at Christmas, make him feel the same way. To check out all the sizes and colours available head over to www.tricked-toys.com


 SPG-El-MachoEl Macho Tunnel Pak

With all the storage option out there, the question is “Why wouldn’t you want a bag called the El Macho?” The name says it all. New from Skinz, the El Macho, is a tub style tunnel pak that was created for the rider who needs to haul serious amounts of gear. Inside the pack, is a formed plastic tub which creates a waterproof barrier between your gear and outside elements. The Zippered top also has a durable plastic insert sewn inside that provides extra protection on the top of the pack. The El Macho dimensions are 16Wx21Lx12H (So Crossover or Long Track is what it will fit) and incudes a universal mounting kit that is easily removable once you get to your destination. So guys if you need serious carrying space this winter, simply write El Macho on your wish list and Santa will know exactly what you need. (We hear he has one strapped on his sled)  For complete fitment and colours head over to www.skinzprotectivegear.com


Terrain Merino Hoodie

Get your sledder clothing he actual wants this year. The Terrain hoodie from FXR is a mid-weight hoodie (So it fits really well under a snowmobile jacket) that has a 50% content of Merino Wool. This wool has natural antibacterial properties and dries faster than Rudolf’s nose on Christmas Eve (what you think Rudolf is immune to frost bite and dry cracked skin?)  So take back that oxford dress shirt you think will make you sledder look good, and get him this hoodie instead. Here’s hint: It is also on sale right now. Check out www.fxrracing.com for complete details.


Elevation-LiteElevation Lite Core Boot

FXR has really thought about the abuse a snowmobile boot takes during a typical season and what a sledder needs to be comfortable all day long. The Elevation Lite Core has improved durability due to the fact that the FXR designers minimized seams in areas that come into contact with the sled and also increased the use of 2mm rubber reinforcements in high impact zones.  In the comfort area FXR designers added a molded inner heel-flex insert that improves backward flex without that annoying that annoying pressure point that you get when your heel crumples. Also the Elevation Lite features a single lace system with molded lace slider eyeholes that make tying up a breeze.

Head over to www.fxrracing.com for complete details.

71-9009-SM-ST-800pxLead-Dog Helmet Light

We are pretty confident that even Santa uses this product. The Lead-Dog helmet light is a gift that anyone who rides sleds at night would appreciate receiving. The light hooks directly into your existing wiring on your sled and has a quick release system (like that of a heated visor wire) that allows you to click plug and unplug the light with ease. One of the main benefits we see of having a light mounted to your helmet is the fact that you’re shining light where you are looking. That helps immensely when you are ripping through those tight trails at night because you are going to light up the corner before you get there. The Lead-Dog light is also constructed of red plastic material that glows red to help the guys behind you see you better. The brake light feature is activated when you apply your brakes. So get out there and be the Lead-Dog with confidence.  For complete details head over to www.helmetlight.com

33410311Woman’s Gem Gloves

Nothing can end a day on the trails faster than frozen fingers. Guys why not get a gift that your sledder gal will really appreciate. New from Arctiva is the Woman’s Gem Glove that offers up some crazy protection from the elements. Constructed with waterproof and breathable Hipora™ liner and 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation is the first line of protection from the cold, then throw in a Claino palm that is both waterproof and durable and you have got yourself a top notch glove. The Gem also has fully adjustable wrist and cuffs and sports an integrated vent and heat pack on the back of the long gauntlet-style wrist.  So if you are looking for something to give that really shows her you care, take back the Starbucks Gift card, and get her a pair of Gem Gloves.

For complete details head over check in with your local Parts Canada Dealer: www.partscanada.com

Clutch-JacketClutch Jacket

Here is a jacket that is surely going to get you noticed on the trail this year. The new Clutch Jacket from Motorfist is part of their Frost Series and was built for trailing riding first and foremost. Made from a durable waterproof fabric with 500D rugged panels strategically placed this jacket will stand up to whatever the trail may throw your way. The Clutch Jacket also features eVent® Direct Venting technology that breaths to let the sweat out but still maintains a waterproof shield. Other cool standard options are 360° degree reflective prints, tether D-Ring at waist, a waterproof powder skirt and adjustable cuffs with thumbholes at the wrist.

Check out your local Motorfist details to see the complete lineup: www.motorfist.com

carbide_boot_rt_3qrtrCarbide Boot

Anyone who has ever had to snowmobile with cold feet can contest just how fast a day can go from epic to miserable. The new Carbide boot from Motorfist will keep you smiling well into the later part of your epic day. The boot is built with 1200 grams of insulation and has come pretty crazy durable outer shell materials. The Carbide also features a eVent® waterproof boot liner that is both breathable and waterproof at the same time.  Check out your local Motorfist details to see the complete lineup: www.motorfist.com


AxysBOPKS1Bikeman Performance Kit

Calling all new Axys owners; this is a gift that you should be asking Santa for regardless on how good you were during the year. The performance guru’s over at Bikeman Performance have put together an AXYS 800 HO Bolt-On Performance kit that adds serious ponies to either the Rush, Switchback or RMK models. Depending on how good you were, the kit comes in three different stages that claim a 13, 17 or 22 increase horsepower as you go up the stages. (Obviously the higher the stage the more Santa is going to have to shell out for this gift.) Each kit comes with a Bikeman Single Ceramic Coated Pipe, a Bikeman programmed Bully Dog GT and a Stage 2 Clutch Kit and then some extra features like Billet Head and Durability Kit to get  you up to the third stage.  So if horsepower is your thing then www.bikemanperformance.com is where you need to go.

DaycoBeltsDayco Belts

We could not, in good conscience, put together a gift guide and not include an item that snowmobilers needs to have on their wish-list to Santa. You think a belt maybe a very impersonal gift, but if you really think about it, receiving a Dayco belt is as important as Clark Griswold getting his bonus check over the Jam of The Month Club membership. Having a spare belt on a sled makes a bad day into a really good day should you blow a belt. Almost like having to choose between a nice marmalade and Christie Brinkley in your pool. Kinda a no brainer we think.  To check what belt is best for you check out www.daycoproducts.com



EarthX Battery

It is a highly documented fact that after Christmas there is a direct correlation to the amount of turkey and eggnog consumed to increasing numbers on the bathroom scale. If you need to shed a little weight this season, why not take the extra pounds from the battery on your sled and keep-on enjoying the calories at Christmas. Sounds like a solid plan to us. The average lead Powersports battery weighs in at 13lbs whereas an EarthX Lithium battery only weighs 2.4lbs. Do the math guys; that is over 10lbs shaved off the sled, or in this case, 10lbs extra that you can add during the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas…For complete details and pricing call Sled Pro 877-397-3555

IceAge-HCB-Large-copy Hillclimb Brace Kit

Here is an item from IceAge Performance that you may want to throw onto the ol’ list to Santa. The Hillclimb Brace Kit is carved from 6000 series aluminum and adds serious strength and badass style to your stock rails. The Hillclimb Brace has proven itself on the toughest of race courses and is available in polished aluminum or an array of high quality powder coated colors. This kit will fit on Polaris AXYS, Pro RMK and Assault in 155” & 163” lengths and Arctic Cat Proclimb in 153’ & 163” lengths, and also comes with all the rivets and drill bits needed for a seamless install – Rumor has it even St. Nick has already installed a set on his sleigh.